RAOK Information 

What is a RAOK?

The word RAOK stands for Random Ack Of Kindness..    This is something someone does just for the sake of doing it.   For example, you see someone that is missing an item from their collection or looking for a certain car.   You look and see that you have multiples of that item and possibly some variations they may need.   You box it up and send it to the person in the hopes that it will help.   Sometimes, people will send someone a set of cars to a person just because they collect that casting.   There are others that send out special customs they create with a casting that their "target" collects.   Now, is there anything expected back?  The only thing would be a thank you, but a return of cars or anything else is not expected.   

Expectations from recipiant:

None, except a simple thank you.   While it is not expected that the receiver pay back the RAOK to the person who sent it, there is one thing that is "the right thing to do".   You should always thank the person that sent the items to you.   Most people will make a post on the Latest Finds / RAOK board with or without pictures.   There are also people that in addition to the post they send a PM (Private Message) to the person that sent the RAOK.   As long as you let the person know you received the RAOK and like what was sent, let them know it.

I will be posting some pictures from RAOKs I have recevied as well as some others have received.    I will be posting those on my RAOK page which will be Here.

Great Trader List

Have had several great trades, not many but those that I have had have been awesome..   Pleasure to work with all of the following people...

Big E

Thanks guys for making it fun

"What I Like" List

Always looking for Mustang Mach 1's

Also looking for Hot Birds, Boneshakers, DD's (for customs), 70s & 80s cars, '67 Camaros, '69 Camaros, '65 Vettes, '70 Chevelles, '69 Chargers, '70 GTOs, and of course the always illusive Treasure Hunts..    I am also starting to find a liking for the Evo Drag Buses.. 

Another like are the older Hot Wheels.    I am finding more of a fondness for them now that I can appreciate collecting more.  Those cars that I grew up with in the '70s and '80s bring back many memories.    Of course, I love redlines now too, this group of cars are great in any condition.   I also have found another older favorite casting.  That would be none other than the AMX/2 later called the Warpath.   Below are pics of the only three I have, I hope to add more though..   The only problem with aquiring more is that they can get pretty costly.

AMX2  AMX1  AMx3

Another thing I would like, is to find more Dairy Deliveries.    I have picked up a bad habit, customizing.    I now notice that a lot of decals out there lean toward this casting, the majority of those came out before I started collecting,  so I only can get them off Ebay.

Another accomplishment of mine is the putting together of a spreadsheet with my collection of '70 Mach 1 Mustangs.. So far I am doing pretty well,  I am only missing the ones below.  

  • '02 Burmudez Variation with wide rear wheels
  • '04 18th Annual Convention - Button Bingo - Silver
  • '06 Hot Wheels #125 -- Blue 5sp Variation (if it is really out there)
  • '05 Castrol / Autozone Promo Prototype with flames on the side
  • '08 Chicago Convention Dinner Car - Purple, White, Blue, Green, and Burgandy

You can see my collection by using the link below..